What Is Dark Flame


A beautiful 2D ARPG throwback to retro greats. Dark Flame brings you the perspective of a knight who must battle the horrific conveyance of unknown evil that has overtaken his order. Featuring large, hand-crafted environments, tailored gameplay, and an armoire of weapons, armor, and magic, the game blends classic with new to bring a unique experience!


For centuries, humanity's greatest willed champions, the Keepers of the Flame, have been tasked with containing the Dark Flame, an entity of unknown origins and purpose. Since its discovery, The Dark Flame has poisoned the souls of weak-minded humans, causing instant violent reactions and sacrificial behavior. The unearthing of ancient texts gave humanity the tools, technology, and rituals to restrain the Dark Flame; mankind finally had the chance to protect themselves from the assumed destruction, and the Dark Flame was kept secret from all but the elite tier of Crusaders and the Church over the course of countless generations.

After a bright light flashes from the fortress guarding the flame, reports of brutal slaughters in the neighboring town have the people desperate for help. The Church responds by dispatching Taharial, a potential candidate for the Keepers of the Flame, to investigate and protect the townspeople. The mission is clear: Find the members of the Keepers of the Flame, investigate the nature of the light flash, and save the townsfolk from the raiding monsters that have started appearing; the way, however, is not so well lit.



Taharial GazesTaharial gazes into the Pyre while it attunes one of the magic crystals

The ancient texts gave men the knowledge and ability to forge weapons and spells at Pyres. Harnessed only by the Keepers of the Flame, the Pyres can attune magic crystals, allowing the player to craft new, more powerful spells, equipable to Taharial.

Taharial EnhancesTaharial using the power of the Pyre to enhance the power of his sword

The Pyres will also be used to forge more powerful weapons from the ones you already have, imbuing them with dynamic properties. There is an ancient writing on the use of Pyres. They contain much power of which the source is unknown. This power can be contained within “Magic Crystals” after attuning the crystals with the Pyre. Once these Magic Crystals have been attuned, they can be carried and used by those who posses the power.

The Pyres have also been known to imbue a portion of its power within other items as well. The most commonly used are weapons of the Keepers of the Flame. The ritual used to attune these weapons are another closely reserved secret of the Keepers.

Taharial EnhancesTaharial swinging a giant sword over his head to take down multiple enemies in one fell swoop

While front-swinging swords are the main weapon in the Pre-Alpha, they are most certainly not the only armaments you will get to use against the horde of horrors ahead. Many variations of weapons will help you claw or club your way to victory.

Taharial EnhancesTaharial wielding a shield to protect himself from the various types of hazardous projectiles

Core Mechanics

* A unique leveling system that allows the player to level their own stats
* The Pyre Concept that allows the player to modify weapons and spells
* A diverse storyline where you struggle between what is right and wrong
* Different cosmetic appearances with weapons and armor
* Hidden rooms and secrets
* Unlockable talents and hidden powers

Project Goals

I am currently using Patreon to fund the development assets needed for Dark Flame. The community has been increasing pretty steadily and I am very thankful for that!

If you're curious as to what's going on over there or would like to play the current build of Dark Flame, then please go check it out!

Project History

I started working on Dark Flame back in June 2013 when I first started building the engine. My initial goal was to create a custom engine that would run with both efficiency and performance! After playing around with some pixel art, I realized I would need something better than my less-than-mediocre art to really make this project come to life. That's when I invested over $5500 of my personal money to work with three artists and a musician to show off this amazing project! This sacrifice of both time and money is my investment to you, to hopefully gain your trust in knowing that I am fully invested in this project! I have been a huge fan of video games since before I could pick up a controller. I was such a huge fan, I ended up teaching myself how to program and put as much effort into a game engine as possible. I am not merely making this game for profit - I'm doing it because I have a passion to do so.